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Hello! My name is Linda Smith. My photo is Lucy. Lucy is a min pin rescue that I got from her owner who could no longer keep her.

I know the battles, I know the war that the disabled and their loved ones fight, including loved ones who are the caregivers. I took care of my fiance, Michael at home for over 2 years, until his death.

I have a variety of subjects that I write about from home remodeling ideas to gift ideas.

Welcome Fellow Writers from Squidoo!

I am a freelance writer, an affiliate marketer. 

My Website: http://infantstotoddlers.com

I also have a variety of interests. You can find more articles at


I am also a mother and an advocate for the rights of adoptees, and an advocate against the big business of adoption whether it be private, through a private agency, or through the state system.  I hope to eductate the public so that they understand that adoption is not the answer to a temporary problem, that it harms both mother and child, a harm that is lifelong. The adoption industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds offf of poor, single mothers who need help, not to be coerced  in any way to give up their child. 





You can find more of my articles at:





 Affiliate Disclosure: Linda Smith is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and Viglinks an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and viglink.com.  I do not endorse any company or product.  My reviews are my opinion.


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    Gifts For NICU Parents

    18 hours ago

    These NICU baby gifts, are the best, and the most appreciated gifts, for NICU parents. Being a former NICU parent herself, I know the gifts that will be much appreciated.

  • 24

    Earning With Amazon At Hub Pages

    3 days ago

    There are two ways to earn money on Hub Pages with Amazon. One is as an Amazon Associate and the other is through the Hub Pages Amazon Program. Both programs will be explained .

  • 12

    Small Kitchen| Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen

    5 days ago

    When we remodeled, we turned four apartments into a two-story duplex. Here is how I will be making the most of a small kitchen.

  • 2

    Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

    38 hours ago

    You can be a Free Spirit when it comes to decorating with the ideas for a Bohemian Bedroom with a bit of Chic, Vintage, Gypsy, as well as Hollywood bedroom décor and ideas.

  • 8

    Dog Beds|Choosing The Right Bed For Your Dog

    6 days ago

    All dog beds are not suitable for every dog. You need to begin by choosing the right bed for your dog bed according to the size and personality of your dog, to name a few.

  • 3

    Best Baby Gifts For A New Mom

    11 days ago

    The new mom is often overwhelmed and can’t even think of everything that she needs, or can keep track of what she already has. Here are some of the best baby gifts for a new mom, that she will love.

  • 3

    Craft Ideas For The Family

    3 days ago

    Crafts supplies today can be a bit costly, but still fun to do. Here are some easy craft ideas for not only the kids, but the entire family to do together and have fun at the same time.

  • 16

    Bedroom Makeover|Gypsy Bedroom Ideas

    10 days ago

    We watch shows about the Romani Gypsies and their bling bling. If you love the style of the Romani Gypsies, you may want a Bohemian Gypsy Bedroom. Here are some ideas for that gypsy bedroom makeover.

  • 2

    Military Theme Bedroom Decor

    2 weeks ago

    Children are proud of their loved ones that are serving in the military, and miss them very much. Help children who miss their loved ones that are deployed is with military theme bedroom decor.

  • 10

    Atlantic City Casino Closings|Will Atlantic City Survive

    5 days ago

    We often hear, “Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs IN One Basket! The recent news about Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos shutting down, may very well the proof of that little cliché being true.

  • 28

    Bubblews Got The Facebook Slap- Will Arvind Dixit Wake Up Now!

    13 days ago

    Bubblews was recently banned from Facebook. Everything connected directly to Bubblews disappeared. The ban lasted one day, but will Avrvind Dixit, Founder and CEO of Bubblews learn from this?

  • 14

    Lucy | The Min Pin-My Dog's Christmas Wish List

    4 days ago

    Lucy, my min pin has a Christmas wish list for herself, shelter, and rescue groups for dogs. Lucy may be an older min pin, but the girl loves to get presents.

  • 21

    Min Pin Story-My Min Pin Lucy

    2 weeks ago

    My min pin, Lucy. is a different kind of rescue dog. So many dogs need to be rescued and have a loving home. Lucy is one of the luckier rescued dogs. This is Lucy's story!

  • 2

    Earn Money With Making and Selling Crafts

    3 days ago

    Crafting is a great way to have fun time together as a family and to earn extra cash. If you are considering the idea of making and selling crafts, here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

  • 9

    Practical Housewarming Gifts For The Kitchen

    2 weeks ago

    Maybe you have a family member or friend that is moving into their first home. Oh, those housewarming gifts can present a dilemma at times. Practical kitchen gifts are the best housewarming gifts.

  • 6

    Ideas for Halloween Decorations

    2 weeks ago

    There are a lot of great ideas for Halloween decorations. You can purchase decorations for your entire project, or maybe use your decorations as accent pieces for that finishing touch.

  • 44


    3 weeks ago

    In the past week, many of us have been thrown into a frenzy when the Squidoo-Hub Pages merger had happened. The reaction of the Squidoo-Hub Pages merger saddens me.

  • 10

    Roxie The Miniature Pinscher Rescue Dog

    3 days ago

    I swore I would not get another dog. Well that was until Roxie became my Miniature Pinscher Rescue Dog! This poor baby, at 6 months old, was dumped on the side of the road. This is her story!!!

  • 2

    Plus Size Aprons

    2 weeks ago

    You may think that wearing aprons is like going back to the days of Grandma and those dowdy aprons, or the ones worn around the waist. Today, plus size aprons, for home and work, are stylish and cute.

  • 30

    Bubblews-The Truth About Bubblews

    2 days ago

    Bubblews is a blogging/social network site that has created a lot of controversy. It is time for the truth about Bubblews to come out.

  • 2

    Collectible Cookie Jars

    34 hours ago

    Many of us go to yard sales and run across things, from our childhood, that we remember or think of old and having value such as cookie jars. It is fun to find out what the old cookie jars are worth.

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    Cordless Can Openers-Black & Decker Gizmo Can Opener Review

    6 months ago

    Cordless can openers such as the Black and Deckor Gizmo are priceless, especially to those with hand mobility issues and if you are simply tired of cans not fitting your existing electric can opener.

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    Gift Ideas For Tween Girls

    9 hours ago

    Ideas for gifts for tween girls can be difficult at times, but if you understand the world of tweens, you will see that the gift choices are endless.

  • 0

    High Chair Reviews|Best High Chairs|Consumer Reports Picks 2013

    18 hours ago

    Finding the best high chairs 2013 can be overwhelming. Here are the highest rated high chairs 2013 according to consumer reports

  • 1

    Gifts For Nursing Moms

    2 weeks ago

    Nursing moms often get tired, as disabled moms may have challenges when nursing their baby. Here are some great gifts for all nursing moms that will make nursing more comfortable and private when out.

  • 1

    Best Chew Toys For Dogs And Puppies

    5 hours ago

    Toys often will keep your puppy busy, and teach him what he can chew on and play with. When selecting the best chew toys for puppies, you need to be as careful in your selection, as you would be in choosing toys for a...

  • 2

    Birdhouses|How To Choose A Birdhouse

    4 days ago

    Those who love to attract wild birds and want to add a birdhouse to their outdoor decor need to know how to choose a birdhouse that is safe, as well as proper for the local birds.

  • 5

    Is It Cheaper To Live In A Small Town?

    16 months ago

    “Is it cheaper to live in a small town?” No matter where we live, there are pros and cons. Living in a small town is a way to get away from high crime rates. The drug problem seems to be everywhere, but it...

  • 18

    How To Find Your Birth Family

    2 weeks ago

    Although adoptive parents and the adoption industry, and even our state legislatures do everything possible to stop reunification. Adoptees have a longing to find their real mom, real dad, real siblings, real family....

  • 0

    The Truth About Adoption

    2 weeks ago

    The history of adoption dates back to the Romans and even before then, as far back as the Greeks. Although terminology has changed, history does repeat itself in modern day adoptions. Children are used, in a billion...

  • 7

    Basic Human Rights Denied To Adoptees

    2 weeks ago

    Adoptees, more often than not are affected negatively through a billion dollar industry called adoption. The system does not provide them with any say in their life. They system also denies the adoptee the basic rights...

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    Ideas For Small Bathrooms

    2 weeks ago

    Home remodeling can be expensive. However, the bathroom is one way to save money, and create extra storage space without breaking the family budget.

  • 14

    Reality of Joining Marines

    4 days ago

    There are those who fantasize about being in the military. Some enlist due to the economy, and others enlist to run away from life's problems that they are not willing to deal with. This article is meant to enlighten...

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